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Access French Market

Healthcare is a key sector in France with a total turnover of €70 billion. It represents 201,000 direct jobs and 200,000 indirect jobs. France is the second market in Europe for both human medicines and medical devices. Important investments are made in research:

  • €6.7 billion are invested annually by the healthcare sector in R&D, representing approximately 20% of total French R&D spending across all sectors
  • 30,000 people work in research across the country
  • France has six innovation clusters dedicated to research in biomedical technologies, including Medicen
  • French companies and startups have made major contributions to medical innovation in several fields
  • The medical technology sector files the most patents in Europe

This environment has helped create a buoyant biotech, healthtech and e-health ecosystem. According to France Biotech, by 2030, healthtech could generate 130,000 additional direct and indirect jobs and revenues of €40 billion.