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Created in 2005 on the initiative of the Walloon Government, BioWin is the health competitiveness cluster of Wallonia (south of Brussels, Belgium). Its mission is to federate all stakeholders from Wallonia participating in innovation in the field of life sciences.

BioWin has four types of activities in four strategic fields:

  • Promoting the emergence and development of R&I projects
  • Ensuring the development of a talent pool for business growth
  • Facilitating the development of SMEs internationally and contributing to the Region’s international strategy in the field of life sciences
  • Directing SMEs to the best sources of funding

In line with the principles of Smart Specialisation (S3), the Cluster’s resources are concentrated on the four strategic areas of activity for the Region:

  • Biopharmacy (including cell and gene therapy and industrial production of biomedicines)
  • Data science
  • Radiation applied to human health
  • Medtech and in vitro diagnostics

The end-goal is the development and sustainability of skills, knowledge and jobs. To achieve this, BioWin adopts a collaborative approach that brings together all the players involved in the ecosystem: academic and clinical research laboratories, accredited research centres, large industrial groups, small and medium-sized companies, service providers, engineering schools and universities, incubators, investors, authorities and policy-makers.

  • 8 world leaders (Baxter, Eurogentec-Kaneka, GSK, IBA, IRE, Janssen Pharmaceutica, UCB and Zoetis)
  • 185 small and medium-sized enterprises
  • 5 private research centres
  • 5 universities: UCL, ULB, ULg, UMONS and UNamur (equipped with 400 research units, 11,000 researchers and 3 university hospitals)
  • Prestigious research institutes such as the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, GIGA, IMI and the De Duve Institute

Medicen – BioWin Crossed Membership

Since 2015, the Medicen and BioWin clusters have been working to bring their ecosystems closer together through the organisation of events and the participation in joint European projects. The alignment on international ambitions and numerous strategic priorities shared by the two entities have led to an agreement, the signature of which has confirmed the desire to strengthen European competitiveness in healthcare innovation.

In order to facilitate access to both ecosystems, Medicen and BioWin offer their members a 50% rebate on the membership fee of the other cluster. Organisations subscribing to this cross-membership benefit from privileged access to players in both ecosystems, support to develop collaborative R&D projects and help to find the best funding opportunities. Many members of the two clusters are already recognised at European level for their excellence, both in clinical research and in the industrial production of innovative therapeutic solutions.

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Medicen – BioWin Crossed Membership Brochure


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