- Our European Projects

Our European Projects

A European project:

  • aims to investigate a new process, product, technique, etc., in line with the objectives of the European Commission
  • is co-financed by the European Commission
  • is represented by a consortium: a coordinator and partners
  • must include partners from at least two countries (3 Member States or Associated States for the FP)
  • must offer a variety of partners in terms of (complementary) skills and geography
  • enables partners to access new techniques, methodologies, improve manufacturing, develop a network, etc.
  • must present a work schedule (calendar, milestones) structured in work packages with concrete results (deliverables)
  • involves regular consortium meetings and technical and financial reports to be drafted for the European Commission (every 6 months)
  • is submitted for evaluation following the calls for proposals launched by the European Commission for the various programmes.

Medicen helps you find the most appropriate European project for your company and obtain the associated funding, with the support of an integrated service, offering:

  • Diagnostic support: monitoring and set up of diagnostic workshops to help you identify the best European funding opportunity, based on your needs and development stage.
  • Partner search: access to the Medicen European network, to allow you to find the best partner for your collaborative projects, in one of the Member States.
  • Letter of support: the project will be discussed with experts from Medicen’s project evaluation committee in order to improve the solidity and relevance of your application to decision makers. A recommendation letter will be provided for your proposal.
  • Proofreading of proposals: proofreading of your project proposal by your Medicen contact giving you a valuable external point of view.

Medicen is involved in four European projects:


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