- Our previous delegations

Our previous delegations

Co-organised by Business France, BPIFrance and Medicen, immersion missions aim to help promising international healthcare companies enter key markets as part of their growth strategy. During these missions, companies meet potential clinical and industrial partners and learn about market access and regulatory standards in order to be successful in the market.

As an Associate Member of the EIT Health network, Medicen also works with its members on missions that are part of European projects. One of the goals of these projects is to promote and export the expertise of European talent in the biotech, medtech and e-health sectors.

EIT Programme

  • Headstart: 6 out of 15 – White Lab Genomics, Ganymed, Keelab, BrainTale, Neuratilde and Neuradom
  • Catapult: 5 semi-finalists – Sparing Vision (first biotech), Lumedix, PK (first medtech), InHeart (finalist) and Lifeplus
  • Bridgehead Europe: HealthyMind (towards The Netherlands and Germany)
  • Go Global China: VitaDx, Ganymed, Cibiltech, Lsee and Sam Research 
  • Go Global Canada: Evolucare, Tongue Lab, Milvue and Adecotech
  • Go Global Japan Korea: Eukarys, Parimmune and Oncodesign

International Delegations

  • Montréal Medteq Summit: Bioserenity, Cardiawave, Docadom, Evolucare and Metacoaching
  • Soft landing Boston: Therapixel, Cardiorenal, Milvue, Ganymed, MyPL, Carenity, Morphee and Lumedix
  • MSU: Aenitis, Onxeo, SparingVision, Eukarys, Biophytis, Luxia, Ineon Biotech, Rarecells, Biomunex, Integragen, Whitelab genomics, LLTECH, amabiotics, hyprevention, PPRS and Neurallys
  • CARE: Braintale, Diabeloop, Dreem, Cardiawave, Exactcure, Therapixel, Pharmagest, Tilak and MySeriousGame
  • Medtech Japan: Damae Medical
  • Singapour Mission: Valotec
  • Medtech Germany: Tessan, Wandercraft, Japet, Ezygain and Lumedix
  • Israel BIOMED Mission: Hybrigenics, Acticor and Oncodesign