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The Paris Region

  • Over 40% of French academic research
  • 50% of French biotechs
  • The largest hospital network in Europe
  • First European region by number of companies in the pharmacy sector 
  • Second European region by number of companies in the medical equipment sector  
  • Third European region by number of biotech companies (nearly 150)
  • A dynamic environment stimulating innovation

The Paris region is one of Europe’s leading economic and scientific regions in the field of life sciences and healthcare.

A comprehensive offer

The Paris region brings together all the players involved in the development of diagnostic and therapeutic solutions, medical devices and e-health, at all stages. Key assets include: academic and clinical research, a hospital network that is unique in Europe, major pharmaceutical and imaging companies, SMEs in bioimaging, bioengineering and bioinstrumentation for human health, research providers (CROs), leading universities and engineering schools, health safety authorities, incubators and specialised accommodation facilities.

The Directorate General for Enterprises (DGE)

Placed under the authority of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, the DGE’s mission is to develop the competitiveness and growth of companies in industry and services. This involves developing new sectors, particularly in personal and business services, supporting and disseminating innovation and anticipating and accompanying economic changes, to foster sustainable growth and employment.

The Paris Region DIRRECTE 

The missions of the Paris Region Directorate for Business, Competition, Consumer Affairs, Labour and Employment (DIRECCTE) include the development of the economic activity, employment and employability in the region.

The European Commission

The European Regional Development Fund