- Paris region excellence in healthtech

Paris region excellence in healthtech

The Paris Region Excellence

The Paris Region is an ideal environment for healthcare innovation. It is recognised worldwide for its cutting-edge scientific research, state-of-the-art hospitals and leading healthcare companies and startups. It is also at the forefront of artificial intelligence, gene therapy and personalised medicine. 

In addition, the Paris region has an extremely dynamic business ecosystem with a large and diversified innovation-oriented talent pool. It is currently the largest startup ecosystem in Europe. All these assets have contributed to make the Paris Region a global life sciences hub.

The Paris Region in a nutshell:

Access the French Market

Healthcare is a key sector in France with a total turnover of €70 billion. It represents 201,000 direct jobs and 200,000 indirect jobs. France represents  the second market in Europe for both human medicines and medical devices.

Important investments are made in research:

  • €6.7 billion are invested annually by the healthcare sector in R&D, representing approximately 20% of total French R&D spending across all sectors
  • 30,000 people work in research across the country
  • France has six innovation clusters dedicated to research in biomedical technologies, including Medicen
  • French companies and startups made major contributions to medical innovation in several fields
  • The medical technology sector files the largest number of patents in Europe
  • Euronext is the 1st European stock-exchange for biotechs

This environment has helped to create a buoyant biotech, healthtech and e-health ecosystem. According to France Biotech, by 2030, healthtech could generate 130,000 additional direct and indirect jobs and revenues of €40 billion.